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Must - Have Salon POS Features to Boost Your Business Productivity

Tanuj Rastogi January 16, 2019

Business owners who fail to adopt digitalisation in their business are bound to struggle against their more modern & switched on competitors.

The constantly advancing technology has made our day-to-day life easier. That said, avoiding digitalisation clearly means losing your competitive advantage to more switch-on retailers.

Salon and spa businesses are no different. In fact, if you run a salon or a related business, leveraging technology is essential for delivering extraordinary results and building strong relationships with your valued customers.
Amongst various technologies that are commonly used in salons and spa businesses, POS systems have become an inevitable asset for building strong customer relationships and delivering seamless customer experiences.

It is important to understand that a salon software is more than just a machine to book and record appointments.

The right software boosts your overall productivity and improves your sales just like Simple Salon software. One of the widely used and popular salon and spa management software, Simple Salon has all the tools you need to manage your salon or spa efficiently. Be it scheduling your appointments or determining your staff’s performance, Simple Salon software is packed with varied features that allow you to streamline appointments, online bookings, marketing and reporting.

At POS Sales, we offer high quality Simple Salon POS bundles to integrate into your business and help you provide your customers with hassle-free experiences.

Moreover, if you plan to invest in any other salon and spa management software, make sure it has the following features that will make your business stand out from your competitors.

Appointment Management: In the era of digitalisation, if you still note down your appointment in your paper register, it’s time to move to a salon software. A salon software provides you an efficient way to manage appointments. With the help of an appointment management feature, you can eliminate the risks of double booking and save time and effort. It also ensures that your staff get notified about any last-minute additions, which you might forget maintaining appointments in the paper register. This will also help you be prepared to serve your customers as they arrive.

Also, your clients can book their appointments from your website which is linked to the POS software directly.

Customer Relationship management: When speaking of a customer relationship management feature, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

  • A complicated software?
  • Or a tool that helps you store your customer information effectively?

However, no matter what comes to your mind, the CRM feature can actually help you increase your business efficiency. With CRM, you can close more deals, improve conversion rate, provide better customised experience to your customers and increase your business revenue as a result.

The best software allows you to store your customer information that helps you in providing personalised services to them. Always remember, beauty businesses do not follow the cookie cutter approach. In order to drive customer satisfaction, you must offer services tailored to specific details like cut, colour, length and style in mind.

Customer Loyalty Program: Your customers are the heart of your business. Customer loyalty programs are a great way to show your appreciation towards your customers and keep them happy. However, the data from Bizrate and Forrester Research states that, “providing customers only with the reward and loyalty points isn’t enough to win customer loyalty. You need to find ways to induce customer engagement that appeals customers’ emotions.

Many businesses are still using old-fashioned ways to create coupons i.e. through newspaper coupons, flyers and punch cards. But why waste tree, when your software provides effective ways to collect customer information and create sustainable reward programs.

Loyalty program feature keeps track of customer information for you. Also, stores all the related data and reminds when customers have rewards coming. It even alerts customers to the same electronically.

Email Marketing: If you are looking to implement your loyalty program on a large scale, email-marketing tool can assist. It allows you to compose, design and send emails to all your valued customers at one go.

A well-thought-out email campaign can be an effective way to build relationships with new customers and enforce relationships with existing ones. Whether you are conveying an information about your business, sending discount offers or offering a giveaway, a POS system could help you create a robust email campaign to reach and engage with your target audience.

Apart from that, you can segment your target audience on the basis of their age and occasion to create more personalised emails and ensure customer engagement.

Inventory Management: For consistent follow up of all the inventory, it is essential to have a salon inventory management feature in place. By keeping an eye on inventory of your product, you can keep everything organised and up-to date- in real time. The feature will also alert you when it’s time to restock certain products in the inventory.

Salon inventory management feature allows you to reduce your inventory count each time a product is purchased, eventually eliminating the mistake of keeping misleading records. Also, you can set inventory alerts for when running slow. This way you can keep track of your inventory ahead of time.

Credit Card Processing: Integrating credit card into your POS System allows to give your salon to accept and process card payments with ease. Many customers want to include more services to their beauty package, but shortage of cash at the moment and failing to accept cards at the salon refrain them from taking extra services.

Including integrated processing in your POS system enhances convenience for your customers, making for a positive customer experience. Also, make sure your POS system is PCI Compliant and EMV ready to keep your customer and business payment data secure.

Customer Support: Last, but not least, your salon software must be backed by excellent customer service from installation and training to ongoing support.

To provide adequate support to customers, hire a professional who understands the know-how of POS and can provide routine maintenance to minimise downtime.

To sum up

Though a good POS system must be tailored to your business’ unique requirements, these are some common features that every salon software must have in order to ensure great customer experience and business efficiency.

Wait no further and find the best POS system that works for the unique aspects of your business and your requirements. At POS Sales, we help you run your salon and spa business effectively and profitably with our varied range of POS bundles that combine POS hardware and consumables, from cash register, paper roll, ink roller, cleaning kit to receipt printer like epson tm t20 ethernet, epson t82ii to name a few.

Tanuj Rastogi January 16, 2019
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