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How to Win Customer Trust When Building A Retail Business from the Ground Up

Tanuj Rastogi July 24, 2018

There’s an endless spectrum of proven strategies, tips and tactics out there or businesses to acquire new customers, remarket to existing customers, boost sales and revenue.

However, when you are starting a new retail business with zero customer and sales in your account, the situation may be a bit different and challenging. Since you have no customers at this point, there are no reviews, no social reputation and no recommendations to leverage. Due to lack of these resources, any individual to visit your brand-new store would know nothing about your products, quality, customers service and thus would find it difficult to trust your business.

Building trust and credibility with prospects is a challenging yet inevitable aspect every new business has to face. While it certainly takes time, long-term commitment and constant effort to earn customer trust and loyalty, we have put together a few tactics that will help you establish trust with prospects as a start-up business and start building a customer base from the get-go.

Connect with customers on a personal level

For someone who is visiting your new store for the first time, it is not unnatural to think that you are only there to make money and would say anything to have them reach out for their wallet.

One way to overcome this feeling of doubt and distrust in prospects is to create an emotional, human connection with them. Sharing your brand’s story and introducing the personalities behind your business can make people feel moved and connected by what you do and what you are.

In the “about us” section of your website, you can tell people about what inspired you to start this business. You can also share your personal experience in the industry as an entrepreneur and that of your team. Knowing that they are connecting with a business that is run by knowledgeable and experienced professionals, will make prospects feel much confident about their decision to purchase from your store.

Lure with giveaways

Customers love freebies. A proven strategy to get those first few prospects to convert and positively have them do a bit of advertising further on your behalf, is to give away product samples.

Giving away products or samples is a long-standing marketing tradition widely used by small and large businesses. However, you don’t want to run your business at a loss by giving away lots of products without generating any sales.

There needs to be a well-thought out strategy; you want to not only generate interest in your products but also inspire confidence and trust to convert prospects into paying customers. Some of the effective ways to do it is offering freebies to a fixed number of customers which will stimulate instant sales. Offering your products samples to reputed bloggers or influencers can also help spread the word out to your audiences and drive leads.

While giveaways will certainly generate awareness around your brand and inspire trust, you need to make sure they get in the right hands in order to yield desired outcome for your business.

Keep your promises

Trust is the foundation of a healthy customer relationship. Making promises and delivering on them in a timely manner is a good way to strengthen your connection with your customers and build a positive reputation for your customer service.

It is also important to be transparent with your audience while making promises or guarantees. Being open and honest about your products or services will allow customers to set realistic expectations and make fruitful decisions, even if it means purchasing from your competitors. This will anyway create a positive impression on customers and convey an idea that you care about your customers and not just your sales and profits.

Always be accessible

New customers are going to be doubtful about your products/services and may have questions that will serve as opportunities for you to show your commitment to great customer service.

When prospects reach out to you through any medium, be it email, social media profile or phone, be sure to respond as quickly as possible with optimal solution or advice. Addressing their issues or concerns promptly will put you in a better position to cross sell or upsell other products and ask for feedback which will help in attracting more potential consumers.

To sum up

Even with the best assortment of products and most effective advertising tools and techniques at your fingertips, you can’t generate sales and revenue from someone who is hesitant about purchasing your products/service in the first place.

Remember that it is never going to be easy to build trust with people who have never heard of your brand-new store before. With the help of these tips, however, you will be able to get a few sales in your account and establish a small customer base that will help you further build a reputation that continually inspires trust.

Besides implementing these tactics, when starting a new retail business, you also want to make sure you have the right POS hardware and software in place. Once you build enough trust with the prospect to have them convinced to make their first purchase from your store, providing a seamless customer service is the key. High-performing POS systems can contribute to retail efficiency, customer satisfaction and high sales.

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Tanuj Rastogi July 24, 2018
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