PowerScan PM9500 , 433 MHz, High Performance/Liquid Lens, Display with 4 key keypad, Removable Battery + Cradle, power and USB cable

36 months
Excl.GST: $1,271.82
Incl.GST: $1,399.00
DLPM9500DHPR - PowerScan PM9500, 433 MHz, High Performance/Liquid Lens, Display/4-Key Keypad, Removable Battery
DLBC9030B-433 - Base Station/Charger for PM9x00
AD-DL12VR - Power supply 12v DC for Datalogic /w Power cord
CAB-DL438 - USB A Straight cable for PM8300/9500
  • High-performance Liquid Lens increases the depth-of-field for reading wide and high density codes
  • Snappy omnidirectional reading
  • Soft white light illumination
  • Available with optional display and 4 or 16-key keyboards
  • Industrial Cordless 2D Area Imager Scanner
  • Point-to-point and multi-point transmission
  • Networking and seamless roaming
  • High speed 433 MHz radio communications
  • Datalogic’s Motionix™ motion-sensing technology
  • Datalogic’s 3GL™ (3 Green Lights) technology and loud beeper for good-read feedback
  • EASEOFCARE Service Plans offer a wide range of service options to protect your investment, ensuring maximum productivity and ROI
Communication Technology
433.92 Mhz Radio
Effective radiated power: < 10mW
Range (open Air): up to 50 m
Seamless roaming
Two way communications
Point to Point or Multi-point configuration
up to 32 Scanners to a base