Square Register Restaurant Hardware Bundle (Star TSP143+SP742 Printer+VPOS EC410 Cash Drawer+Rolls)

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Square Register Restaurant Hardware Bundle (Star TSP143+SP742 Printer+VPOS EC410 Cash Drawer+Rolls)

  • Square Register Restaurant Hardware Bundle compatible with Square includes Star Micronics Star TSP143 + Star Micronic Star SP742 Ethernet Printer + VPOS EC410 Cash Drawer + Box of 24 80x80 Thermal Rolls + Box of 48 76x76 Bond Rolls
  • Our Square Register Restaurant Hardware Bundle comes with a Star Micronics TSP143 Printer, Star SP742 Ethernet Dot Matrix Printer for Kitchen, a Cash Drawer, Box of 24 80x80 Thermal Rolls and a box of 48 76x76 Bond Rolls.
  • This bundle is for customers using Square in iPAD. Customers using Square on Android devices, please contact us to discuss your hardware needs.

All hardware is approved by Square Register.

1. Star Micronics TSP143III LAN Thermal Receipt Printer with Ethernet

  • The Star TSP143III LAN receipt printers are designed to be fast, accurate, and affordable, suitable for a wide variety of applications by supporting smooth operations. Under the speed of printing and the good quality prints, the Star Micronics TSP14III is used widely by retailers and fast-food restaurants.
  • The latest addition to the Star TSP100 Series, the TSP143III is an entry-level Ethernet thermal receipt printer. It comes with a LAN cable and a Virtual Serial Port so that the printer can be accessed from anywhere.
  • The Star TSP143III printer is compact and can be set up in a horizontal or wall-mounted installation. With its internal power supply and drop-in and print paper loading, this LAN printer saves you time and money, reducing time and maximising output.
  • The Star TSP143 receipt printer facilitates easy integration with modern operating systems of iOS, Android, Linux, Mac OS and Windows, and is beneficial for all industries.
  • The printer also has a unique future PRINT technology that helps set up marketing software tools enabling you to design custom receipts and put in place modifications as desired, without changes to the POS system.
  • If you are looking for a reliable and high-speed receipt printer that can connect with cloud-based POS systems, and print quality customised receipts, then the TSP143 LAN printer is a great option.


  • Using the Star TSP143 printer is simple and straightforward, and it is operational directly out of the box.
  • Printer dimensions:142 (W) x 204 (H) x 132 (D) mm
  • Weight: 1.68Kg
  • Print Method: Direct Thermal
  • Print Resolution: 203 dpi
  • Printing Speed: 250 mm/second
  • Paper width: 80 mm (58 mm using a paper guide)
  • Print Width 72 mm (80 mm wide) 51 mm (58 mm wide)
  • Paper Thickness 0.053 – 0.085 mm
  • Device Charging: 5v-1A USB trickle charging
  • Auto Cutter: Partial cut with Guillotine and tear bar
  • Connectivity Options: Ethernet (10/100baseT, UTP) with LAN Cable Supplied & “Virtual” Serial Port. Star Wi-Fi Power Pack option available
  • Compatible: iOS, Android, Windows
  • Emulation: Star Graphic Mode (supports Star Line and ESC/POS TM via futureRRNT software)
  • Reliability: Printer MCBF 60 million lines, auto-cutter for 2 million cuts
  • Sensors: Paper End, Cover Open
  • Warranty: 12 months


  • A power cable
  • Interface wires
  • Wall mounting kit
  • A sample paper roll (80 mm)
  • A 55mm paper guide
  • A power switch cover
  • A start-up CD for installation of value-added software and drivers, that is compatible with most operating platforms, including Windows, Apple MAC, Java-POS, and OPOS.

2. Star Micronics SP742 Dot Matrix Receipt Printer with Ethernet Interface

  • Renowned for its fast print speed of up to 8.9 lps, Star Micronics SP742 Receipt Printer is a highly advanced and reliable receipt printer from Star Micronics that is easy to install, integrate and maintain for any user.
  • The model features a clamshell design that makes for easy paper loading and helps save time in high traffic restaurant or hospitality environments. In addition to the clamshell design, the built-in power supply also makes for increased space efficiency in retail environments with confined spaces.


  • High print speed – up to 8.9 lines per second
  • A superior quality 9-pin print head to print graphics and special characters in two colours (red and black) for better readability and marketing purpose.
  • Drop-in & print paper loading with a transparent window for convenient paper management and time savings.
  • Option to vertically or horizontally mount the model to save space
  • A splash-resistant design for reduces maintenance hassles in hospitality environments.
  • Multi-copy printing up to 3 ply
  • Easy-to-fit buzzer option
  • Both tear bar and auto-cutter versions available
  • Paper rewind version available
  • Can be easily upgraded to USB and WiFi interface versions
  • Highly compatible with most major operating systems
  • 22,000,000 lines CRT reliability

What's in the Box:

  • Star MicronicsSP742
  •  A CD with WHQL XP®, 2K®, Vista® drivers, Linux and Mac® OSX drivers
  • Documentation
  • Power Supply

3. VPOS EC410 Cash Drawer

  • The VPOS EC410 5 Note 8 coin Cash Drawer with RJ11 Connector to suit Star TSP143 printers and similar is the recommended cash drawer for Square Register and has a solid steel construction. The cash drawer Dimensions 410(w) x 415 (d) x 100 (h).

4. Box of 24 80x80 Thermal Rolls

5. Box of 48 76x76 Bond Rolls

What's Included:

  • 1 x Receipt Printer (Star TSP143)
  • 1 x Kitchen Printer (Star SP742)
  • 1 x Cash Drawer (VPOS EC410 or Nexa CB900)
  • 1 x Box of 24 Paper Rolls for Receipt Printer
  • 1 x Box of 48 76x76 Bond Rolls for Kitchen Printer
Interface: Ethernet

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