Zebra Scanner Kit DS2278 BT 2D-SR USB PRES/CRD Black

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Zebra DS2278 2D-SR Bluetooth Handheld Barcode Scanner Kit (USB)

  • This cordless barcode scanner offers both 1D and 2D decoding
  • Not only is the device easy to use with simple management, but it is perfect for any application, including retail, manufacturing, and industrial, with a low ownership cost.
  • The Zebra Bluetooth scanners from the DS22000 Series arrive pre-configured, offering easy point-and-shoot barcode reading capabilities. They seamlessly integrate with existing point of sale systems and boast an extended battery life of up to 14 hours, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Specifically, the Zebra DS2278 2D Bluetooth scanner is cordless, providing excellent mobility for use wherever needed. It conveniently switches between handheld and hands-free scanning modes, granting users greater flexibility without the need for adjustments.
  • The Zebra DS2278 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner kit is the perfect choice if you are looking to buy a cost-effective, versatile, and quality barcode scanner.

Key Features & Benefits of Zebra DS2278 2D Cordless Bluetooth Scanner:

  • Dimensions: 17.5 cm. / 6.9 in. H x 6.6 cm. / 2.6 in. W x 9.9 cm. / 3.9 in. D
  • Supported Host Interface:  USB
  • Decode Capabilities: 1D - Code 39, Code 128, Code 93, Codabar/NW7, Code 11, MSI Plessey, UPC/EAN, I 2 of 5, Korean 3 of 5, GS1 DataBar, Base 32 (Italian Pharma). 2D - PDF417, Composite Codes, TLC-39, Aztec, DataMatrix, MaxiCode, QR Code, Micro QR, Chinese Sensible (Han Xin), Postal Codes
  • Minimum Element Resolution: Code 39 - 4.0 mil; Code 128 - 4.0 mil; Data Matrix - 6.0 mil; QR Code - 6.7 mil
  • Battery: 2,400 mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Motion Tolerance (Handheld): Up to 5 in./13 cm. per second for 13 mil UPC
  • Swipe Speed (Hands-Free): Up to 30.0 in./76.2 cm. per second for 13 mil UPC
  • User Indicators: Direct Decode Indicator, good decode LEDs, Rear view LEDs, beeper (adjustable tone and volume)
  • Warranty: 3 years

Ready to Use and Install

  • Straight out of the box, the Zebra DS2278 handheld barcode scanner is both pre-configured and ready to use. It includes a presentation cradle, a micro USB cable, and an extra battery for added convenience. Upon integration with prominent POS systems, the auto-host detects cables recognises the interface and seamlessly link the imager.
  • Utilising Zebra's innovative scan-to-connect technology, this wireless scanner can be easily paired with and managed by any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled device, like smartphones, tablets, or PCs. Depending on the symbology, it can read codes ranging from 1.23 cm/0.5 in. to 36.8 cm/14.5 in. away.


  • Operating the Zebra DS2278 scanner is as simple as point and shoot, and with the omni-directional scanning capability, there is no need to line up the images and barcodes. Nevertheless, an aim line is included to guide users for fast and effective scanning, especially when scanning wider barcodes.
  • The PRZM Intelligent Imaging software enables instant decoding, allowing the DS2200 series scanners to identify even poor-quality barcodes. As a result, you get first-time accurate scanning every time, saving time, effort, and money. Multiple scanners can be integrated with the Zebra Scanner Management Service application.

Simple Operations and Easy Management

  • Using the Zebra DS2278 scanner is as easy as simple aiming and shooting, thanks to its omni-directional scanning feature which eliminates the need to align images and barcodes. However, an aiming line is provided to assist users in quick and efficient scanning, particularly when dealing with wider barcodes.
  • The PRZM Intelligent Imaging software allows instant decoding, making the DS2200 series scanners recognise barcodes of varying quality promptly. This ensures precise scanning on the first attempt consistently, thereby saving time, energy, and resources. Additionally, the Zebra Scanner Management Service application allows for seamless integration of multiple scanners.

Multiple Applications for Maximum Benefits

  • The versatility of the Zebra DS2278 barcode scanner makes it ideal for various tasks, especially due to its convenience, impressive scanning performance, extended battery longevity, and user-friendly design. It can seamlessly adjust to specific requirements as necessary.
  • The scanner is used across diverse sectors such as retail, supermarkets, hospitality, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, and government. Its applications include point-of-sale systems, check-ins, loyalty programs, coupon redemption, ticketing, product tracking, postal services, lotteries, administration, to banking purposes.
  • The Zebra DS2278 barcode scanner kit is available at POS Sales Australia at competitive prices.

What's in the Box of Zebra DS2278 2D Cordless Bluetooth Scanner:

  • Zebra DS2278
  • User Guide
  • Warranty Card

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Colour: Black
Interface: Bluetooth, USB
Scan Engine: 2D Area Imagers
Form Factor: Handheld , Handsfree
Scan Range: Standard

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