Features and Benefits of Top 5 Weighing Scale Machines

Features and Benefits of Top 5 Weighing Scale Machines

Discover the essential features and benefits of 5 cutting-edge weighing scale machines in our blog. From advanced capacity to streamlined operations, these scales revolutionise the way businesses manage inventory and transactions. Explore how each scale offers unique advantages, such as precise measurement accuracy, user-friendly interfaces, and customisable label designs. Learn how these machines enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and improve overall productivity in various industries.

CAS AP1 15Kg Price Computing Scale with Pole Display


The CAS AP1 scale offers precision and speed for retail Point of Sale (POS) systems. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, it is perfect for weighing and pricing various items quickly and accurately.


28 preset keys: Quick access to commonly used functions.

RS-232C interface: Enables seamless data communication.

Highly legible VFD display: Ensures clear visibility of measurements.

1/3,000 resolution: Provides precise weighing accuracy.

Stainless steel platter: Durable surface for placing items.

Auto span adjustment / Auto zero tracking: Maintains accuracy over time.

Dust protection cover: Shields the scale from contaminants.

ADD + TOTAL Features (15 lb & 30 lb only): Conveniently calculates cumulative totals.


● Efficient operation with preset keys.

● Simplified data transfer via RS-232C interface.

● Clear and easy-to-read measurements on the VFD display.

● Accurate weighing with high resolution.

● Durability and hygiene are ensured by a stainless-steel platter.

● Consistently accurate results with auto adjustment/tracking.

● Protection from external elements with dust cover.

● Enhanced productivity through cumulative total calculations.

CAS LP1 15Kg Scale No Pole


The CAS LP1 scale is tailored for retail POS environments, offering precise weighing capabilities and seamless integration with Point-of-Sale systems. Its compact design and intuitive interface make it easy to use, while its high accuracy ensures reliable measurements for various items.


Capacity: Up to 4,000 PLUs & 1,000 messages

Ingredient Detail: Up to 400 characters per ingredient

Quick Access: 54 preset keys for frequent transactions

PLU Data: Includes Commodity name, Message item no., Tare weight, Unit price, Group code.

Printing Details: Comprehensive printing items such as Commodity name, Message, Packed-on data, Sell-by date, Unit price, Weight, Total price, Store name & addresses, Serial No., Time, PLU No., Group Code

User-Friendly: Easy programming facilitated by a wide keyboard

Efficiency: Pre-pack mode for automatic weighing and labelling

Reporting: Printing detailed reports for each item

Label Customisation: Free format label design with 32 fixed & 6 free-designed formats.

Barcode Compatibility: Supports various barcode formats including EAN8, 12 of 5, UPC13A, UPC13A2, UPC13A5, EAN8A2, EAN8A5, EAN13, EAN13A2, EAN13A5

Performance: High speed & low noise thermal printer


● Efficient inventory management with extensive PLU and message capacity

● Streamlined transactions with preset keys.

● Accurate labelling with detailed printing options

● Versatile label design for various product needs

● Barcode compatibility for easy scanning.

● Fast and quiet printing for customer convenience.

CAS CL-5000J Lbl & Pos


The CAS CL5000J scale combines advanced features with a user-friendly design, making it an excellent choice for retail POS systems. With a large memory capacity, versatile label printing options, and a high-speed thermal printer, it ensures efficient and accurate weighing and labelling tasks.


Memory capacity: 6,000+ for products, 1,000 for ingredients.

Speed Key: Standard - 96 (48 keys x 2 double-click), Pole - 144 (72 keys x 2 double-click).

Label Formats: 30 pre-set and 10 customisable.

Printer: High-speed thermal with cartridge loading for labels.

Label Designs: 40 fixed formats, 20 customisable.

Communication: TCP/IP network capability.

Management: Includes PC manager program (CL-Works) for efficient operations.


● Efficient inventory management.

● Quick access to products with speed keys.

● Customisable label designs for branding.

● Fast and reliable label printing.

● Easy label installation for minimal downtime.

● Flexibility in label presentation.

● Seamless network integration.

● Comprehensive PC management software for data organisation.

CAS CL-5200 Label Printing Scale with Pole 15Kg


The CAS CL5200 scale is engineered for high-performance retail POS operations. With advanced features such as network communication capabilities and a customisable label design, it provides flexibility and efficiency in weighing, pricing, and labelling tasks.


High-speed Thermal Printer: Easy loading printing cartridge for efficient printing.

Free Format Label Design: Customise labels according to specific needs.

User-defined Barcode Printing: Allows users to create and print custom barcodes.

Flexible & Reliable Network System: Ensures adaptability and dependability in network setups.

Ethernet Network Communication (TCP/IP): Enables seamless communication over Ethernet networks.

Graphic LCD Display: Clear and intuitive display for easy operation.

Up to 6,000 PLUs Memory Function: Extensive memory capacity for storing product information.

Up to 300 Characters per Ingredient: Sufficient space for detailed ingredient listings.

PC Manager Program (CL-Works): Manage scale settings and data efficiently via PC.

RS-232C Interface: Standard interface for connecting to various devices.

Dual Range: Offers versatility in weighing with dual range capability.


● Quick printing with easy cartridge loading.

● Customise labels according to needs.

● Tailor barcodes for specific items.

● Versatile and dependable network setup.

● Efficient TCP/IP communication.

● Clear, visual interface with graphic LCD display

● Extensive product storage capacity.

● Detailed ingredient listings.

● Software for comprehensive management.

● Connectivity for various devices.

● Enhanced precision for diverse weighing needs with dual range.

CAS PD-II Scale 15KG.


The CAS PD2 scale is a reliable choice for retail POS applications. Its durable construction and easy-to-read display make it ideal for busy environments. With quick response times and precise measurements, it streamlines checkout processes effectively.


VFD Display: Clear, adjustable

Communication Ports: RS-232C, Bit Parallel

Platter: Stainless steel, low profile

Basic Weighing: Tare function included.

Advanced Communication: RS-232C, 4 Bit Parallel

Enhanced Platter: Large, stainless steel


● Enhanced readability and adaptability with the VFD display

● Versatile connectivity options for seamless integration with various systems

● Durable construction with a large stainless-steel platter for long-term use

● Efficient weighing process with basic weighing and Tare function

● Improved communication flexibility with multiple communication ports, facilitating smooth interaction with external devices such as cash registers or computers.

Wrapping Up,

Investing in weighing scale machines offers businesses unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in managing inventory and transactions. From customisable label designs to quick access preset keys, these machines streamline operations, saving time and reducing errors. Whether it is the capacity to handle thousands of PLUs or the convenience of automatic weighing and labelling, each feature contributes to smoother operations and improved customer service. To experience these benefits firsthand, contact POS Sales Australia today and elevate your business with top-notch weighing scale solutions. Streamline operations, improve accuracy, and enhance customer satisfaction with POS Sales Australia.