Top 6 Customer Displays For Your Retail Store

Top 6 Customer Displays For Your Retail Store

The significance of customer displays in retail stores cannot be overstated when it comes to enhancing customer experience and driving customer retention.

Want to Know Why?

These displays play a crucial role in capturing customers' attention, conveying information effectively, and ultimately influencing purchasing decisions.

Customer displays can also strengthen brand loyalty by delivering consistent and engaging messaging that resonates with shoppers.

From high-brightness LCD panels to graphic liquid crystal displays, we will delve into the features that matter most for retail establishments. Whether you own a cafe in Sydney or a flagship store in Melbourne, finding the perfect customer display can elevate your business operations and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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What is Customer Display?

A customer display in a POS, or Point of Sale system, is a screen or monitor visible to customers at checkout. It shows details of their purchase, like items bought, prices, and total cost. This helps customers confirm their purchases and ensures accuracy. Some displays also show promotions or advertisements. Customer displays improve transparency and trust between shoppers and businesses. They can be standalone screens or integrated into the cash register. Overall, customer displays enhance the shopping experience by keeping customers informed and engaged during the checkout process.

At a Point of Sale (POS) terminal, a customer display shows details of items purchased, prices, and total amount. Let us talk about a cafe in Adelaide, Australia! After buying a coffee and sandwich, the customer display might show "Coffee: $3.50, Sandwich: $5.00, Total: $8.50." Here, the customer display helps customers confirm their purchases and ensures accuracy in transactions; this display is usually positioned facing the customer, making it easy for them to see their purchases and the amount they need to pay.

Benefits of Customer Displays in Retail Store

  1. Transparency and Trust: Customer displays show customers what they are buying and how much it costs. This means, that when you are shopping, a customer display shows you what items are being scanned, how much they cost, and if there are any discounts or deals. This helps build trust between you and the store because you know exactly what you are paying for.
  2. Order Verification: When customers can see their order on a display, they can make sure everything is correct before they pay. This means, that the display lets you check that your order has been recorded correctly before you pay. You can see the items, their prices, and make sure everything is right. This reduces the chances of mistakes or misunderstandings. This helps prevent mistakes and makes sure customers get exactly what they want.
  3. Customer Experience Improvement: The display can give you more info to make your shopping experience better. It might show pictures of products, descriptions, or even details like nutrition facts. With this extra info, you can make smarter choices and feel more involved in the shopping process. They can see product information like prices and descriptions without asking a store employee, which saves time and makes them happier.
  4. Cross-selling and Advertising: Customer displays can show promotions or related products that customers might be interested in. Sometimes, while you are waiting to pay, the display might show you other items you might like based on what you are buying. This could be special deals or things that go well with what you are purchasing. It is a way to encourage you to buy more. This can encourage them to buy more items and increase sales for the store.
  5. Reduced Errors and Disputes: With customer displays, there are fewer mistakes in orders because customers can see what they are getting. This reduces arguments or disagreements between customers and store staff. Being able to see your transaction details on the display helps catch mistakes early. If something does not look right, like the price is wrong or an item is missing, you can point it out right away. This helps prevent arguments between you and the cashier.
  6. Efficiency and Speed: Having customer displays speeds up the checkout process because customers can see prices and make decisions faster. Showing you the transaction info as you are checking out can speed things up. While the cashier is dealing with your payment, you can already be looking at the details on the display. This makes the whole process faster and smoother. It also helps store employees work more efficiently because they spend less time explaining things to customers.

Features of Top 6 Customer Displays

From high-brightness LCDs to adjustable angles, each display brings unique functionalities to enhance your store's efficiency and customer engagement. Below are the features of top 6 customer displays for your retail store:

1. POSIFLEX 9.7" LCD PCAP Touch Customer Display for RT-Series:

● 9.7-inch LCD Screen: The display boasts a 9.7-inch size, offering ample viewing space for users.

● High Resolution: With a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, it provides clear and sharp imagery for enhanced visibility.

● PCAP Touchscreen Technology: Equipped with PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touchscreen technology, enabling smooth and responsive touch interactions.

● Durable Build: Designed to withstand the rigours of daily use, it features durable construction that can endure minor impacts and is resistant to spills.

● Compatibility: Specifically tailored for integration with POSIFLEX RT-Series point-of-sale systems, ensuring seamless compatibility and integration.

● VESA Mount Compatible: Allows for flexible mounting options, supporting VESA mounting standards for easy installation in various environments.

2. POSIFLEX 9.7" Bezelfree Customer LCD Monitor for RT-series

● 9.7-inch Screen: This monitor boasts a 9.7-inch display, providing ample viewing space.

● Resolution: With a resolution of 1024x768, it offers clear and crisp visuals for an enhanced viewing experience.

● Bezel-free Design: The monitor features a bezel-free design, reducing distractions and maximising screen space for better focus on content.

● Multiple Mounting Options: It offers versatility with multiple mounting options, allowing users to choose the setup that best suits their needs and space.

● Input Options: The monitor comes equipped with HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort inputs, offering flexibility for connecting various devices and peripherals.

3. BIXOLON BCD-3000 Cust Display To Suit SRP-Q300

● Compact Size: The BCD-3000 is approximately 287% smaller than a standard customer display, saving valuable space on your counter or workstation.

● Multiple Cable Paths: It offers multiple cable paths for user convenience, allowing you to set it up in various configurations without clutter.

● Easy Plug and Play: Setting up the display are hassle-free with its easy plug-and-play USB setup, enabling quick installation.

● Compatibility: Compatible with all major operating systems including Android™, iOS™, and Windows®, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup.

● Flexible Display: The display allows flexible character alignment options such as horizontal, vertical, font space, and line space, catering to diverse display needs.

● Enhanced Visibility: Featuring a mono LCD with variable brightness, ensuring enhanced visibility of displayed content in various lighting conditions.

● Improved Reliability: Offers 250% advanced reliability compared to the BCD-1000/1100, ensuring consistent performance over time.

● Image Display: Easily download and display images using the provided utility, allowing for customisable visual content.

● Adjustable Angle: The display's angle is adjustable from 0 to 35 degrees, providing flexibility in positioning for optimal viewing angles.

4. HP Customer Display - HP CDU 2X20 USB

● Display Specifications: The HP CDU 2X20 USB features a 2X20 Customer Display with a single data and power USB cable for easy connectivity.

● Warranty: It comes with a 36-month (3-year) Advance Exchange Warranty, ensuring peace of mind for users.

● Display Type: Utilises a Vacuum Fluorescent Display with 20 columns and 2 lines, providing clear and easy-to-read information.

● Adjustable Height: Supports four different heights by adding extension supports included in the kit, allowing customisation according to user preferences.

● Command Modes: Supports multiple command modes, with the EPSON command mode set as default, ensuring compatibility with various systems.

● USB Compatibility: Equipped with a standard USB 2.0 port for seamless connectivity to devices.

● Self-Test Diagnostic: Features a self-test diagnostic function that checks the circuit board, ensuring smooth operation and identifying any potential issues.

● Protection Design: Control boards are designed into the top display panel to prevent potential damage from wet counter surfaces, enhancing durability and longevity.

5. HP Retail RP7 10.4In Customer Display

● 10.4-inch LED Display: The display is LED backlit and measures 10.4 inches diagonally, offering clear visuals.

● Resolution: It has a resolution of 1024 x 768, ensuring sharp and detailed images.

● Resistive Touch Screen: With a resistive touch screen, customers can easily interact with the display, making navigation intuitive.

● Adjustable Tilt Stand: The display comes with an adjustable tilt stand, allowing users to find the optimal viewing angle for comfortable use.

● VESA Mount Compatibility: It is compatible with VESA mounts, offering flexibility in installation options, whether it is on a counter or mounted on a wall.

● Bright and Clear Display: The display is designed to be bright and clear, ensuring readability in various lighting conditions commonly found in retail environments.

● Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of a retail environment, the display boasts durable construction, ensuring longevity even in high-traffic areas.

6. VFD Customer Display For 200 Series POS Terminals

● High-Brightness Display: The customer display for 200 series POS terminals boasts a high-brightness LCD and VFD panel, ensuring clear visibility in various lighting conditions.

● Graphic Liquid Crystal: It supports graphic liquid crystal, allowing for visually appealing displays and enhanced user interaction.

● Dot Matrix Characters: With dot matrix characters, it delivers crisp and sharp text for improved readability.

● Column Configuration: The display features 20 columns and 2 rows, providing ample space for conveying information effectively.

● Asian Fonts Support: It offers support for Asian fonts, catering to a diverse range of languages and characters.

● Angle Adjustment: The angle adjustment mechanism enables tilting the display up to 53 degrees vertically and 180 degrees horizontally, ensuring optimal viewing angles.

● Compact Size: With dimensions of 3.75 inches width and 6.75 inches height, it maintains a compact footprint, conserving space on the countertop.

● Wide Viewing Angle: The display provides a viewing angle of 53 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally, ensuring clear visibility from various positions.

Wrapping up,

Selecting the right customer display for your retail store can significantly enhance the customer’s shopping experience and streamline your business operations. From high-brightness LCD panels to versatile angle adjustments, each of the top 6 displays offers unique features tailored to meet diverse retail needs. Whether you prioritise visual appeal, multilingual support, or space-saving designs, there is an option to suit your requirements at POS Sales Australia. Ready to upgrade? Take the next step by exploring POS Sales Australia's offerings and revolutionise your retail space today. Contact POS Sales Australia today to discover the ideal customer display solution for your business!