Factors you need to Consider while Purchasing a Cash Drawer

Factors you need to Consider while Purchasing a Cash Drawer

Transactions in the modern-day retail sector have become digitised over the years. Yet, cash transactions are still in-trend and are not likely to go out of trend in the upcoming years. There still are people who prefer paying in cash instead of paying via digital means due to its convenience. Besides, cash transactions do not get impacted due to poor network connections, malfunctioning devices, worn-down cards, or other factors.

As a retail business owner, it is always advisable for you to ensure that you provide your customers with all the popular modes of payment for a better customer shopping experience, including cash transactions. For synchronised and systematic cash storage and management that would expedite the checkout process at your retail store, you need to be equipped with the perfect and robust devices. Cash drawers, for example,  VPOS Cash Drawer EC410 BLK-24V , VPOS Cash Drawer Insert EC410 5Note, VPOS Fliptop Cash Drawer 6 note 8 coin 24V Blk, and VPOS Cash Drawer EC350 4N 8C 24C are some of the popular devices that facilitate the cash management process. Albeit, picking a cash drawer seems like a simple task, choosing the perfect device that would meet your business needs and compatibility requirements can be quite challenging.

To help you pick the right cash drawer for your business, we have enlisted a few points that would help you make a confirmed decision.

Cash Drawer: Pick the Right Option for your Business

Often referred to as a cash till or register, a cash drawer is a sturdy device that helps store cash, coins, cheques, and other essential bills and receipts at a point of sale (POS) set-up. It is one of the essential hardware components of a point of sale (POS) system.

NEXA Cash Drawers, Posiflex Cash Drawers, and VPOS Cash Drawers are some of the popular cash drawer brands in Australia that you can consider.

Types of Cash Drawers

1. Manual Cash Drawer : This sturdy box comes with a key and is a cost-effective and secure option to store cash. While the key locks the cash drawer, there’s a push button that opens the drawer once you unlock it.

2. Printer-driven Cash Drawer: As the name suggests, these cash drawers are usually connected to the receipt printer and open and close on receiving a command from the printer. These types of cash drawers require cables, although some devices come with interface cables. In case you are purchasing the cables separately, make sure they are compatible with your printer and the cash drawer.

3. USB Cash Drawer: If you own a USB cash drawer, make sure it is compatible with your point of sale (POS) system as these drawers require additional electronics to work with the point of sale (POS) solutions you use. Hence, USB cash drawers are comparatively pricier.

4. Serial Cash Drawer: Although serial cash drawers are no longer a popular choice in today’s world, they still are relevant. There are different varieties of serial cash drawers for you to choose from. However, ensure that you pick the device that complements your point of sale (POS) set-up perfectly.

To pick the right device, make sure you consider

1. Dimensions and Space: Before purchasing a cash drawer, consider the space where you would want to place the device and consider the dimensions of the area. It is always recommended to purchase a cash drawer that can be placed underneath the checkout counter where it is easily accessible. At the same time, make sure the cash drawer you pick isn’t too huge as this would not just consume a lot of space but will also be vexing for you to keep it organised.

2. Security: This is the most important factor that you need to consider while purchasing a cash drawer. You would definitely not want to keep your cash drawer unguarded at your retail store. Despite having designated personnel monitoring the device at all times, you would need to pick a device with additional security features to make their jobs easier. Therefore, you need to pick a device that is constructed with a strong material, one that isn’t susceptible to scratches and dents and is durable. Also, make sure it has a sensor that would ensure that no cash is left unchecked. Despite the sensor, make sure you purchase a cash drawer that comes with good lock quality.

3. Customisability: Cash drawers usually come with compartments to help you store your cash, coins, and other bills and receipts separately and systematically. However, different currency denominations come in different sizes, depending on the country. So owning a customisable cash drawer can help you accommodate different-sized currency notes easily. You need to just ensure that you can adjust the size of the compartments while purchasing your cash drawer.

4. Compatibility and Connectivity: Since your cash drawer would be storing not just notes, you need to ensure that you can store cheques, cards, coupons, and more conveniently. At the same time, ensure that your cash drawer is compatible with the rest of your point of sale (POS) hardware components as well as the point of sale (POS) software that you’re using.

5. Durability: The cash drawer you purchase needs to open and close smoothly, without getting stuck. Customer shopping experience depends a lot on the checkout process. Therefore, you would want all your point of sale (POS) hardware devices to function effortlessly, even your cash drawer. Quality cash drawers usually come with a warranty, either for a time period or the number of cycles.

6. Cost: Like every other device, you need to consider the price of the cash drawer before purchasing it. There are quality cash drawers at the optimum budget but the ones with additional features can get a tad pricey. Therefore, make sure you set a budget before making your purchase depending on your business needs.

Wrapping Up,

If you are on the hunt for superior cash drawers for sale in Australia, you have landed on the right page.

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